Volunteers needed for our biggest fundraiser of the year!


Hello from the Hubbard Mastery Elementary School PTO!


COMFEST is just around the corner(like it is a short block from the Hubbard Mastery School parking lot).  This makes our location very valuable to patrons of the event. Even when the weather has cost the festival an entire day, we still make over $5K, charging $20 a car.  It is no exaggeration to say that this parking lot is a financial game changer for our PTO. Due to the changes in parking restrictions around the Goodale Park(cars can only pay to park in a given zone for 3 hours), I think our parking lot stands to fair well.  Your 3 hour volunteer time slot is so valuable to the opportunities we can provide our school children, and really needed:)

What to expect:  

  • The volunteer mini-tent at the parking lot will have a cooler with ice and some waters, sunblock,  we will provide the PTO Square card reader, fanny pack for the ‘bank’ and a map that easily details how we direct the cars to park on the playground, and a stack of parking passes to give patrons for their dashboards.
  • First shift will need to place a couple signs out at the corners of the school blocks, just to let cars know where we are located.  Last shift will need to collect signs before closing up for the night.
  • We have the 4 volunteer system, because we have 2 people staff the entrance and 2 people assist with directing cars on the playground.  
  • You will want to bring something to sit on, from a towel to a camp chair.  
  • We will need to have one volunteer sync the Square chip reader to their mobile phone via Bluetooth–if you are familiar with this process, please note that when you volunteer.
  • The most active time of the parking lot is roughly 11-2.   


We are requesting that you provide us an email with your volunteer sign up this year, so we can send you up-to-date information (like last year when they cancelled COMFEST Friday, at 1:30 due to inclement weather), we will also send you a confirmation letter with the all the details you need for your shift.  Finally, we will be holding 4 parking spots for the volunteers during their shift. If we have an available spot for you to move your car into, when your shift is over, and you would like to attend the festival, please consider it yours in appreciation for your time and support.

Please click the link below to sign up for our marvelous parking lot fundraiser 2019!  And THANK YOU HEAPS for your amazing and generous support!


Your Hubbard Mastery PTO!

link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080949AAAE29A7FB6-comfest1  

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